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January 24, 2020

What Is The Use Of Cell Phone Signal Booster

By Elijah

Imagine going out of your house without cellphones, yes, it is impossible. Mobile phones are not just a part of your lives but now they have actually become your life. All important meetings, discussions, get together everything is done over a phone call. No wonder, Mobile phones keeps you connected with each other but mobiles itself often undergoes with connection problems. These are due to loss of signals and network.Hence cell phone signal booster comes your way.

Reason for weak connection

You can face weak signal problems in your mobile phones due to a lot of factors like large distance between the cellular tower and your place. The larger the distance between the two places the harder it is for the cell phone to catch signal. Ever happened that when you are at your home, you phone does not catch signal but as soon as you go out of your home, the phone works properly. This is because the reception problems from inside your house. This can be caused due to thick bricked walls or magnetic clutters or materials having high conductivity so they block the signals from coming in. Sometimes trees, tall buildings, sky scrapers, etc present on road can weaken the signal too.

signal booster

Cellphone signal booster in simple terms

A cell phone signal booster is a device that is when attached to your cell phones can improve the network instantly. It constitutes three elements namely exterior antenna, amplifier and interior antenna. The exterior antenna serves the task of transmitting and receiving the signals from the cellular towers with a greater power, the amplifier then amplifies the signal and then it reaches to interior antenna from where your mobile catches it, and the signal get improved.

Effects of signal booster

A signal booster for cell phone helps in boosting the performance of mobile in several ways like-

  • It increases the speed of internet, enhances video and voice call quality.
  • It expands the area of reception and constitutes a strong connection between the device and tower.
  • The signal boosters can be used at houses, in vehicles, in public places and where not.

There are several cell phone signal boosters used by people depending ontheirneeds and requirements. These boosters vary upon the places they are used in like in a house or inside a vehicle, both places will have different boosters specialized for that place.