The Nitty-Gritties Of Colored Contact Lenses Singapore?

Contact lenses are extremely handy and more convenient than a pair of glasses. However, when it comes to aesthetics, one must select coloured contact lenses Singapore.

What are the different types of coloured lenses?

Contact lenses are of different types, with them being:

  • Transparent-tinted contact: These lenses are uniformly coloured but they can change the colour of your iris.
  • Computer-generated opaque lenses: These lenses cover the natural eye colour of an individual. You can get a single colour opaque lens or blended colour that can imitate natural irises. They also come in different pupil sizes, patterns, and colours.
  • Hand-painted custom contacts: These ones can match closely the natural color of an individual’s eye. They also help cover any kind of injuries. They can be quite expensive.

What are the reasons behind people wearing them?

  • You can enhance your eye colour with lightly tinted contact lenses.
  • Optometrists can help you choose colour lenses that are optimally comfortable and safe for your eyes.
  • Following basic hygiene, rules do not make cosmetic lenses more prone to infection than prescription lenses.

What precautions should you keep in mind?

It is best to consult an optometrist or an optician (or both) before thinking of buying coloured contact lenses. As eye specialists, they have more know-how and will ensure the lenses are perfectly fitting the eye and do not hamper your sight. They also carry out an examination to prevent any eye-related infections.

Follow the instructions carefully. Coloured lenses need the same care and precision as prescription lenses. Wash your hands thoroughly before you hold them, do not have them in for more than twelve hours and do not lend them to anyone under any condition.

Like all types of contact lenses, coloured contact lenses Singapore need a prescription. They must be handled with care to prevent any mishaps from taking place.

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