July 24, 2020

Macintosh Mini User Guide

By Elijah

Initial steps


Your crate contains

  • A Mac scaled down
  • A power connector
  • A power rope
  • An Apple Remote
  • A DVI to VGA connector

Fundamental highlights

On the facade of your Mac smaller than usual is an opening stacking optical drive. The inherent infrared IR collector deceives the privilege of the space, and the force pointer light is at the base right-hand corner.

At the rear of the Mac small, you have two lines of highlights.

Along the top column, from left to right, are

  • The power button
  • A security space for a link and lock
  • Sound in/optical advanced sound in port
  • Earphone out/optical advanced sound out port

Along the base line, from left to right, are

  • A power port
  • An Ethernet port 10/100/1000Base-T
  • A FireWire 400 port
  • A DVI video out port
  • Four USB 2.0 ports

Air terminal Extreme remote innovation and Macintosh Games innovation are inside your Mac small scale.

Force connector

Strip away the plastic film from your Mac small scale and the force connector. Spot the Mac small on a firm surface straight up or on its side, and near an electric attachment. Your screen, console and mouse ought to likewise be within reach.

  • Connect the force rope to the force connector
  • Put the attachment on the finish of the force connector’s lead into the Mac small scale’s capacity port
  • Plug the force line into the electric attachment

If you do not mind note: place nothing on your Mac scaled down. Items on your Mac little may disturb the optical drive, the AirPort Extreme remote sign, and the Bluetooth® remote sign.

Fringe set-up

Your Mac smaller than usual is BYODKM – bring your own presentation, console and mouse. Utilize the ones you as of now have practically any are appropriate.

Console and mouse

Associate your console to a USB port on the rear of the Mac small. Interface your mouse to a USB port on the console or on the Mac smaller than usual.

Windows-based consoles might not have explicit Mac OS X Command and Option keys. The Windows logo key, notwithstanding, is comparable to the Mac OS X Command key, and the Alt key is identical to the Mac OS X Option key.

To change the console

  • click Apple>System Preferences
  • click Keyboard and Mouse
  • choose Modifier keys
  • follow the screen guidelines

If you do not mind note: when you utilize a USB console and mouse made by an organization other than Apple, you may require programming drivers. On the off chance that you do not as of now have these, visit the producer’s site and download them.

Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse

In the event that you have an Apple Wireless Keyboard and remote Mighty Mouse, follow the set-up methodology contained in the suitable manuals.


Utilize your Mac smaller than normal’s DVI video out port to associate a screen. On the off chance that you have a VGA screen, associate it to the Mac scaled down with the provided DVI to VGA connector.