November 11, 2020

Leaky and wet basement solutions

By Elijah

With the weather turning damper and cooler as the year progresses, it is vital to consider what outcome this moisture can bring to a home that you are looking to buy. Many homes on the market are far from fresh construction and may have been considered before some of the latest guidelines for sealing basement were in place or some of the standards for constructing drains around the perimeter of a home were in place. No matter what the reason, many older homes have dampness issues that become apparent at this time of year.

When you are looking at homes on the market, ensure that you take a best look at the basement, it is also a best idea to ensure that you let the home inspector know that you are concerned about basement leakage when he or she does the check. Some signs that there might be moisture problems in the basement are the smell of mold or dampness and visible water damage to furnishings, walls or other items in the basement.

basement waterproofing

Basement leaks are cause more than just mold and water damage issues, anyway, excess moisture is also a best environment for termites and dry rot to progress in.

Water can make its way into your house as a symptom of many different types of issues: moisture can seep through unsealed or improperly concrete; a cracked foundation can permit water seepage, and/or faulty perimeter gutters or drains can permit an excess amount of moisture in the surrounding soil which then makes seeps into the basement.

Depending on what type of issue is causing the moisture, you will probably want to proceed cautionary in buying a home with a damp basement. Some remedies can be costly or time wasting and need leaky basement repair experts to fix while others are less of an issue. An issue with insufficient or broken gutters is fairly simple to solve, new gutters are not hard to install and do not cost a prohibit amount of money. An issue with a cracked or crumbing foundation might be a more costly and time wasting issue to fix.

If you are in doubt about purchasing  a home that has a leaky basement discuss to your home inspector or a wet basement solutions professional that type of issue so that you have a best idea of what will be involved.