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Living in today’s world, it is impossible if you haven’t heard about alcohol. It is a widely popular drink after water. Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol. Although alcohol is not good for health, it is drunk widely all over the world by people. Some alcoholic drinks contain additional alcohol which causes drunkenness and even causes alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is mainly of three types namely, wine, spirit and beers.

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Alcohol can be drunk in bars and hotels and can be ordered online through online alcohol delivery singapore and other countries. Alcohol is known as hard liquor and causes drunkenness, even if taken in smaller amounts.

Alcohol is stored for a long time and is considered to be good if old. Liquor and spirits are distilled alcoholic drinks. They have a high quantity of alcohol. One can order years old alcohol through online alcohol delivery Singapore.  While wine and beer are taken mixed with soda water, spirits are taken separately or mixed with another spirit. Fruits and grains are fermented for a long duration to make high-quality alcohol for drinking. Whiskey, tequila and red wine are healthier options for alcoholic liquor than others. Alcohol can cause liver damage if taken every day even in smaller amounts. It is a toxin which can kill cells.


Alcohol is consumed by men and women all over the world. Although there are no safe levels of drinking alcohol, people consume it at hotels and homes through online alcohol delivery Singapore, China and other countries of Asia and other continents.

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