November 9, 2019

Check Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance Using Just Your Smartphone

By Elijah

Summary: This is the smartphone era! You can check vanilla visa gift card balance through smartphone app, phone or texting all from your smartphone.

Anyone who uses or has ever used a prepaid gift card knows that it is very difficult to keep track of how much you have spent and how much money is left in your card. Mostly you could only register and then log into the card company website on a desktop or laptop computer. This meant that you had to check your balance every time before you left home if you did not want to land in a situation where your card was declined because of low balance.

gift card

The times have changed now, and we are now in the smartphone era. For most of us, our Apple or Android smartphone is our primary computing device and we have it with us almost all the time. In such a case, it is obvious that we can check vanilla visa gift card balance using just our smartphone. There are many ways to do this.

The first and most obvious way is to call up the card company customer care number. You will find the number written on the card, mostly on the back side. Dial the number and wait for IVR or customer care representative to answer the phone. You will be asked to read out your card number or dial it in an IVR system. You may be also be asked to either dial your CVV or card validity for authentication. Make sure that you always dial these in an IVR and never read them out to a customer care executive. Once authentication is complete, you will either be told your card balance on the call or will receive a text message with balance information.

The second way is to get the smartphone app of your card company. This will need your phone to have an active data plan or wi-fi connection. Simply download the app of your card company from your phone’s app store and register your card in it. Now any time you want to check the balance in your card, all you needto do is open the app and you will be presented with your prepaid card balance immediately. You can also set your app to send you notifications for every balance deduction.

You can also use the text message function to check vanilla visa gift card balance. Compose a text message in the given format, which will usually involve typing last few digits of your card number and send it to the card issuer. The number is usually found in the documentation you got with the gift card. Once your message is received, you will get a reply through text message with balance information of your vanilla card.

Your smartphone is the best way to keep tabs on prepaid card spending.