October 18, 2019

Branding your international school through global accreditations

By Elijah

International education and learning has been compared with various other globally marketed products and also services such as soft drinks as well as hamburgers: a reliable item satisfying consistent quality standards throughout the globe. This posts brings out the advantages of worldwide education, to an extent such that, currently a day’s worldwide colleges make up a network of independent franchised representatives, of globally well-known global education and learning product or services. Like it or not, we are all branded, global education as the term symbolizes the sort of education and learning supplied within a wide variety to pick from popularly called International Schools. These colleges serve the needs of internationally mobile youngsters with a diverse culture as well as background. Nonetheless, many a times it is incorrectly mentioned that global institutions are those where global education and learning occurs.

 This can be suggested because an international school might provide an educational program which makes no claims to be global unlike an IB or IGCSE. International colleges run in local markets throughout the world, as franchised distributors of worldwide branded global education products and services such as international Bachelor’s degree Company IBO, Cambridge International education and learning CIE and the US based university board Advanced Placement International Diploma APID. International colleges instills a fresh ability in the culture in regards to quality assurance via, the application of internationally recognized curriculum, the spread of worldwide accredited procedures, the spread of worldwide education criteria and also worldwide certification of instructional qualifications. Branding global education in a host nation assists in academic continuity for youngsters of global mobile clientele, as well as the host nation clientele with an expectation in the direction of social mobility and also worldwide exposure.

A worldwide college by photo is extra by itself a brand because it can be understood an overall consumer experience and distinguishes itself by its position about its competition. It can be suggested that, institutions function as retailers of products i.e. scholastic qualifications that are produced by assessment boards. It’s even more like a symbiotic relationship where institutions as well as boards are collaborated, because the instructional boards needs the international school bangkok understanding of regional markets while the institutions acquire benefit from their organization with their name as well as credibility of the well-known item that they are retailing. The establishment of top quality requirements via accreditation is a vital part of the franchising process. IBO as an example is advertising IB Globe Schools which are authorized to offer programmes of the IBO making use of a profession significant logo design. Advertising and branding of global education runs in two degrees: symbolic and also serviceable since it communicates suggestions and power and at the exact same time satisfies human requirements.