September 22, 2020

New religion on how to avoid smiting breaks out

By Elijah

Clearly we have to discover exactly what it is that these two states have at last done as a people to meet all requirements for not being stricken for their transgressions this year. Presently please comprehend, the not to be stricken rundown is a yearly thing and all areas on earth are assessed consistently. Because you got off the snare this year, does not mean you will saved one year from now. Yet, for the time being, you did acceptable and we expect that one year of NOT being stricken by the Deity will end up being a genuine defining moment in mankind’s history and religious philosophy. Making the most of present opportunities, preachers are spreading out from Kansas and Nebraska to all pieces of the globe and sharing just precisely what it was they did well to not be stricken by the Deity, as so many, if not most others places on earth are proceeding to be.

One unexpected has gone to New Orleans with the uplifting news and many are making a beeline for the Gulf Coast by and large with the expectations of defeating the now fully operational storm season. Insurance agencies are taking care of everything for the NeKansasians, as the new religion they will spread is currently being called by the confident masses and get latest news about Shincheonji. A significant gathering from Kansas City is going to Iraq wearing defensive, projectile and bomb evidence Depleted Uranium suits instead of robes, as a sanity check.

Word is out as of now that these Nekansasians have just been nicknamed Dudes. It has been accounted for a portion of the primary lessons of the new gathering have just been composed. One is DU NOT unto others as you have seen them DU it unto you, and DU not be apprehensive, I have conquered the world. Stuff that way. This is religious history really taking shape. DU trust in wonders Man DU we. Pass the plate. I accept. Reports of a significantly bigger gathering of NeKansasians going to Gaza are coming in. A little gathering endeavored to go Israel, yet was dismissed and compromised with termination on the off chance that they did not give free duplicates of the Wizard of Oz to all individuals from the legislature. There is as of now a stalemate over this issue and the Nekansasians are asking respectfully that Israel return Dorothy’s red shoes which were taken years prior in an attack on Nebraska that went essentially revealed in the news.