July 23, 2019

Bonsai Driftwood Trees – How to Plant and Aquascape!

By Elijah

Our Bonsai driftwood trees are back in stock! With this energizing restock, we needed to quickly cover and give an outline to as often as possible posed inquiries about these submerged bonsai trees. Our Bonsai driftwood trees are made by hand from regular driftwood that is aquarium safe. Craftsmans make these submerged trees in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes to fit practically all aquarium tanks. They are adaptable, simple to work with and are the ideal bit of hardscape material to make a moment aquascape design. These submerged bonsai driftwood trees pair well with sea-going plant species, for example, Anubias, Bucephalandra, Ferns and oceanic moss species. Frequently, these oceanic plants are utilized to imitate the foliage found on characteristic bonsai trees. On the other side, these bonsai driftwood trees can be utilized to show a variety of plants, amphibian or earthbound, for example, tillandsia otherwise known as air plants.

In the event that you choose to utilize your bonsai driftwood tree in an aquarium tank setting, here are a few hints and traps for consideration and general data:

Aquarium Plants

Almost all driftwood is light! Before utilizing an Aquarzon Bonsai driftwood moss wall trees, we suggest drenching the wood as far as might be feasible proceeding including it into an aquarium. To do this, all you need is a huge pail; sink or even a bath will work. Essentially include the bonsai driftwood tree into the water and ensure it is totally submerged. At that point, set it and overlook it! Then again, you can likewise heat up the wood. This urges tannins to discharge speedier and it will likewise clean the wood. Tannin water is not perilous and would not damage tank occupants; however it will bring down the pH after some time. You will see the tannins in the water by its infamous dull tea hue. We recommend changing the water out now and then and enabling it to douse altogether. Be that as it may, a few specialists appreciate tannins present in their water. This generally is dependent upon individual inclination and types of fish that are kept. When your bonsai driftwood tree sinks independent from anyone else, you will realize that it has been altogether doused and is prepared for use in an aquarium.

Here are some other generally utilized sea-going plants:

Sea-going MOSS:

Sea-going moss species are incredible for making your submerged bonsai tree’s leaves. Various species display diverse development designs and can be prepared and cut to give the look wanted. Sea-going moss is amazingly solid and incredible for fledglings that are new to planted tanks or keeping amphibian plants when all is said in done. Here are some prominent decisions beneath:

  • Christmas Moss
  • Mini Christmas Moss
  • Willow Moss
  • Flame Moss
  • Java Moss
  • Peacock Moss
  • Fissidens Fontanus
  • Fissidens Nobilis


Sticking to this same pattern, Anubias is generally known for its simple consideration and delightful foliage. This amphibian plant makes a great option to add to the base of your bonsai tree. It includes a feeling of development and will effectively cover unnatural openings and hole in your bonsai driftwood tree aquascape. This oceanic plant is additionally an epiphyte and should not be planted in aquarium substrate. You can without much of a stretch append it to the upper pieces of the bonsai tree to imitate the leaves too. Peruse our Anubiasselection!